Monday, August 15, 2011

Sorry For The Wait, Lasers to Film Electrons, and NASA's New Mars Rover

Before I jump into my article reviews, please take the time to check out my film project.  I am trying to establish a show that is a modernized recreation of the automotive review utilizing emotions and precision over absurd and often disappointing story telling by "reality" TV groups.  This show is unscripted and focuses on the audience, rather than the punch line. 

Lasers to Film Electrons

In the battle to witness things beyond the human eye's capability, new technology arises to film the insane speeds of electrons.  Called the Attosecond Laser, this device enables us to witness chemical interactions by using laser lights that flash at attosecond speeds.

The device can't do the job yet, but is well on its way.  Solving the original problem of intensity of the beam + speed of flash this method uses a single light origin being split by a beam splitter.  This took care of the synchronized issues they previously had, as well. 

As the device continues to get support it is only a matter of time before we can witness the electron's path in a super slow-motion video.  Since electrons rotate at 151 billionths of a billionth of a second, the frame rate for the device must be insane to configure.  Either way, I am looking forward to seeing some pictures and learning about the interactions of chemicals on a molecular level. 

NASA's New Mars Rover

Here is some good news, NASA is launching their latest Mars Rover starting November 25th to December 18th.  Launch will be made by the United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket.  Fittingly called "Curiosity," this new rover will make its way to Mars and answer the question about microbial life, whether or not it has existed there in the past.

This is considered a "high-stakes" launch.  Upon landing on Mars, the device is going to be lowered by a sky crane, rather than dropped or parachuted down like previous probes and rovers.  This is going to be a tough one since this is the first time this sky crane will be used. 

It will be a tense moment when the time comes for landing.  Can't wait to see if this mission is a success. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Wait Ends Soon!

I apologize for not posting in a while.  I have been very busy with pre-production for a car show I am trying to produce.  Not very good at marketing and networking so finding the funding is very hard.  However, I do have a GoFundMe account set up: so if you wish to help out, please do!

I will get back on track with the technology and TGS posts soon!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Printed Solar Energy and Stop Bad President Decisions!

Printed Solar Energy

Much like OLED lights, a new solar panel can be printed on paper thin materials.  Other solar structures can break under too much strain or bending, however, this method allows the material to have a great flexibility, so much so it can even be folded and still work. 

The printing process of this new solar harnessing method is not completely unique, but interesting none the less.  They call it a "3-D printing technique," but in short, it is just printing in multiple layers.  In addition to those layers, a stenciling is used to put on the finishing touches.  All this is done inside a vacuum chamber since the method uses a vapor deposition process (process of materials being condensed or converted from a vapor state to a solid material, or in this case, a flat thin surface). 

The material is great and can be used for many applications.  I saw a phone a few years back with external static charge technology that allows the body's friction and static build up to charge a cell phone.  Again, using the body in a way, you could put this solar technology on parts of clothing or a hat to recharge things like the new PSP or Portable Movie Players.  Not really going to look too fashionable but I'm sure they will think of something. 

What else you think this could be used for?

Stop Bad President Decisions!

I'm not going into the millions of problems we have with Obama, at the moment.  However, I was reading this article and felt it very important to pass along the message. 

Space exploration is very important to man kind.  Not just for the search of knowledge, or even to see if someone else is out there, but more importantly, Earth won't always have the resources we need to survive the way we do.  Sure I could sit and debate that we need to change our dependencies, or put money into researching other areas for travel, but no matter how you look at it NASA was the place to go for all intergalactic imagery when I was growing up.  Destroying the NASA programs doesn't just mark an end (for now) to human evolution and progress, but it marks an end to the imagination and dreams of my child hood, and that of my children.

It is very upsetting to see my child hood goals (albeit unrealistic) diminished from bad leadership.  Space exploration may not be dead, but this "speed bump" is simply unreasonable and unnecessary.  It is time for the Americans to stand up and have their voice heard.  Let Congress know they are making a huge mistake. 

What emotions does this decision make you feel?  Do you support it or not and why? 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shadow Internet? and Free Entrance National Parks...

Shadow Internet?

Today I stumbled upon an article that is a bit odd.  Rulers in many countries are shutting down the internet, or monitoring it in a way that leaves citizens of the country limited to what they can access.  Countries like Egypt and Syria. 

Naturally, America feels the need to help others before helping itself.  So Obama has opted to invest time and money in setting up a "shadow internet" that will remain in place if the countries own services are shut down by the Dictators or terrorists and such.  This is a good thing for the people of the country looking to keep a grasp on "free speech" and even to further their educational resources. 

One thing I find odd though is the amount of interest Obama is taking into this.  In the past, if Obama approves, it's bad.  I also don't get why this is something we should be stepping into to begin with.  It isn't our country and it is not our place to establish a separate network.  Even on a legal stand point, aren't we helping construct an underground network disapproved by the ruling powers?  Regardless of the power and how corrupt they are, is it really something we should be sticking our noses in?  Due to the recent activity in so many of these "oppressively" led countries I think this is both good and bad news.  What do you think?

Free Entrance National Parks

On a far more meaningful note, national parks are charging $0 for entries on specific dates.  This is great for those outdoorsy types, and even those not so outdoorsy and should head outside for a hike! 

June 21st marks the first day of summer, and a free entrance to national parks means money saved and a healthy start to your summer schedules.  Each year many parks all over the U.S. do this so look at the schedules and find out which parks near you participate in this great service to the people.  Get outside and get moving!

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Movies Without Texters, Yea! and Why The Quotes For A Cured HIV Patient?

Movies Without Texters, Yea! and Why The Quotes For A Cured HIV Patient?

Movies Without Texters, Yea!

This first one was a hilarious read.  I personally am very happy to read something like this because texting and phone calls are a plague in the theaters I go to.  I have actually skipped going to a movie based solely off of the fact somebody will probably ruin the film because they are either talking, answering their phone, or texting.  I am happy to see a theater finally standing up, and in a very humorous way, against theater interruptions.

Focus on Alamo Drafthouse as your new bar of theater standards.  Recently a woman was caught texting in the middle of a film multiple times and removed from the theater without a refund.  The theater makes a comical statement, "I don't think people realize that it is distracting."  They had to put this in a nice way because if they came out saying, "If you are a customer clearly being rude and inconsiderate, we're gonna ban you for being a 'A-hole,'" they wouldn't have looked as much like the good-guys.  None the less, I support them.

But either way you look at it, this is a great national attention getter.  I can't stand interruptions during a movie because I'm one of those hard core self-proclaimed critics.  Since I study film, each and every ticket I buy is like a small investment into further understanding a countries filmed history.  Having someone take you out of the filming experience is seeing the film less then the director intended.  Thus ruining the film.

Be sure to check out the video in this article, too.  They made a theater PSA out of that same woman's phone call she made shortly after getting booted.

Why The Quotes For A Cured HIV Patient?

This article is a lot shorter than I would have liked.  I really wanted to know more about further studies/potential future studies in this matter.  What happened was a man gets a bone marrow stem cell transplant from a patient that was immune to HIV.  Apparently about 1% of Caucasians are immune.  This transplant has potentially "cured" the patient, as no more reproduction of the virus is occurring. 

A scientist talks about how this encourages the research, however, I would liked to have heard exactly what is being researched.  I didn't even know there were some people immune to HIV.  Why are they immune?  What is special about their bone marrow that enables them to fight off the virus successfully?  They give a theory in the article, but that is all it is.  A theory.

The same scientist makes a good point, however.  This "cure" isn't something you can properly consider if you were to become, or already are, infected with HIV.  The cost of the operation and the rarity of the immune bone marrow couldn't be given to the 33.3 million people around the world infected with HIV.  Further tests must be done to mass produce this discovery so we can stamp out this virus once and for all.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Battle of the Game Developers - E3 Special

Nintendo Wii arbitrary letter here...

Ok guys, E3 is back again with all new gamer drooling content.  And I am here to start it off with what I consider, something not that great to look forward to.

Next generation Nintendo gaming comes to you in the form of the Wii U.  The letter thing is really getting old.  But that doesn't mean the technology isn't to want.  Is it?

Taking a look at this article, and many others floating around the web, the Nintendo Wii U is again reinventing the wheel for controlling your pixilated plot carrier.  The control now consists of a touch screen with built in controls all around the screen.  The article talks about how innovative this is as though it has never happened before.  *Cough* hand helds *cough*  The example given is "Johnny won't need to turn off his Super Mario Bros. outing so that dad can watch the Cowboys game," referring to the game being able to seamlessly move from TV to controller screen.  Well then why not just make "Johnny" play his handheld?  Or just make the consol itself a hand held?  Ok ok, I'm being a little tough.  I can see the benefits of this example.  And with the control being able to directly interact with action on screen, acting as a separate addition to control, it does seem quite interesting.  But I'm not sure I can consider this extremely advanced and outgoing. 

The cheap Ipad wanna-be will be able to browse the web, utilize HD technology to keep up with the other two "big boys," and enable picture and voice chat with a built in microphone and camera.  I think without the games, this would make for an awesome home phone/conference system.  Getting closer to those quirky anime video phone stereotypes!  Yea!

I got to be honest, though.  This looks about as interesting as the dozens of German E. Coli articles floating around the web.  Even though I can see this device being quite helpful in business, or even schooling, I'm thinking Nintendo is just getting side tracked here.  Good thing they have the 3DS.

PS "LIFE"...

Mentioning the 3DS for Nintendo reminds my of my old PSP.  Ah, how it collected dust in the corner of my gaming cabinet due to the lack of truly immersive content, and down right confusing controls for many games.  But I still loved the multiplayer abilities and the other 2 people I found hard core enough to bother with it.  But that seems to be a thing of the past.

PS Vita is now the only thing I have on my Christmas list.  Well... next to the black Ferrari Testarossa and a date with Mary Elizabeth Winstead.  But my dreams seem that much closer with a price tag of only $300 for the 3G-capable version.  The cheaper of the two models is $250 and the basic difference just gets you WiFi.  The awesomeness, however, only gets better. 

From here you get a range from touch screen/device capabilities, TWO analog sticks (thank you for not hiring a retarded game designer who has't picked up a game controller since 1994), OLED screen, built in GPS, Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity, motion sensing, 4 core processor chip, dedicated graphics processing unit, two built in cameras for picture capability, a microphone, NVG Cards instead of UMD's, and a handful of highly anticipated launch titles.  Excuse me while I catch my breath.

...  Did I mention it looks sexy?

Ok, so not much else has really been revealed about this new portable device.  And like the 3DS I imagine two cameras would be used for 3D picture taking, however, nobody has said anything about that yet.  At least from the articles I read during time of post.  And with internet access and a microphone I imagine this could easily be a (video) phone.  I really hope that service plans come out for the new system and will include unlimited talk and text so I don't have to stay with my phone company any longer.  Oh, let the dreaming commence.

As for what Microsoft is up to, who knows.  I was too busy replaying the Halo 4 hype video for the 92nd time. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Better Electronics Tomorrow and Plague Insects To Save Lives

Better Electronics Tomorrow

This article talks about an advancement in Diode technology.  Studies and tests have been going on since the 1960's trying to bring a theory to life, but have only recently achieved success. 

Like most of these advancements we start with a University.  Oregon State University to be exact.  What they achieved was a "metal-insulator-metal" diode that can accept a much larger electrical load then current technologies.  The best part is, it is a cheaper process, as well.  This technological advancement could make computer parts cheaper, run faster, and require less parts, like transistors. 

Last couple of paragraphs are especially interesting so check it out.

Plague Insects To Save Lives

I had a bit of a laugh from this one but the University that is studying this is getting a nice hefty check for studies so maybe I am the idiot here.  University of Newcastle in England has a biologist by the name of Claire Rind studying Locusts to help prevent car crashes.  The idea is in the Locusts' head.

A specific neuron found in the head of a Locust is called the Locust Giant Movement Detector (LGMD).  And like it sounds, this neuron is responsible for detecting movement and providing incredibly fast response time to the body of the Locust to avoid collisions.  This works with both avoiding other Locusts and predators.  This happens to be the concept in study by Claire Rind.

In short, the idea is to create a Crash-Avoidance system that can detect objects coming at the vehicle.  Automatic response systems will kick in to ensure safety.  Not sure why this idea was inspired by bugs, to me I thought this was a natural next step in vehicular evolution next to energy sources.  However, if you read this article, it will probably  make you laugh and you will find out some interesting facts about the locust.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Straight Flying Balls and WELCOME BACK VW!

Straight Flying Balls

So we have golf balls that fly straight as an arrow and at low altitudes for a cleaner longer shot.  Looking at the science, the dimples in this ball are arranged to move the air around in a way to produce less fluctuation in flight.  It is quite the amazing feat, however, I doubt this ball is anything but legal in tournaments.  Not to mention the use of it kind of takes away from you developing your own skill, doesn't it?  A short read but something I found interesting none the less.  If you're a golfer and want to place bets on your shots, go for this ball! 


Ok, so what if the VW company was produced by Adolf Hitler?  The brand is pretty darn good.  And with college financing options, the company actually tries to help people out rather than just shark a sale.  So when the brand practically disappeared from the WRC it was a bit upsetting for rally enthusiast, like myself, who always liked the styling of the Golf series. 

But it's back as Volkswagen enters the 2013 WRC rally with its new Polo R WRC model.  With a sweet turbocharged 1.6L TSI four banger, it will produce a regulation approved 300 horsepower.  With slick new styling and a rekindled enthusiasm from the Dakar winnings over the last three years, they really seem to be coming out strong.  Can't wait to watch the stages.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hurry! Before they disappear! and Long Life, Do You Want One?

Hurry! Before they disappear!

Here's one for the wealthy vacationers, or those who like to dream.  Due to "global warming" and environmental damage from the (insert random number here) of environmentalist research surveys, there are many places around the world that could be disappearing soon.

But either way you look at it, people need to take time off from time to time.  And what better place to visit then one remote and environmentally fragile?  I'm just kidding.  It is actually noted that process of tourism is adding to the destruction of some of these locations, but the financial income from tourism is also benefiting the eco protection services.  Kind of a catch 22 if you ask me, but either way the places are very nice to visit. 

Checking out the sites like the Dead Sea, Madagascar, and even the Poles is not only a nice relaxation experience, but good for the dose of foreign education.  It is easy to read about something in a book, but experiencing it is a very much different thing. 

Google is your friend if you don't know all these locations and don't forget to think about the impact your visit could have.  I especially like the subliminal hint towards China on the last one of the article.  It made me LOL. 

Long Life, Do You Want One?

This article talks about the study of "Centenarians," which is a scientific name for those who live past 100 years of age.  It's an "ok" article briefly talking about genetics.  It doesn't go into as much detail as I would have liked.  After the brief notes you then read more about a woman by the name of Elizabeth Cirulli, and her adviser David Goldstein, and how they are doing research with Centenarians. 

The article then goes on about her past life and possible futures and studies.  And in all honesty, it was a boring read.  However, it did bring up an interesting discussion topic to conclude today's post.  Would you rather live a long life with the last couple decades of it stuck inside a house, possibly even on some sort of life support system.  Or would you rather die young doing something active and "living" your life?  Why or why not and what things could you do in your lifetime that you would feel "completed" by?

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Garbage to Fuel Garbage Trucks and NYC Taxi Upgrade... Eventually

Garbage to Fuel Garbage Trucks

Going to do another "green" post today.  And to start it off, we have California, again, finding alternate ways to reduce green house gasses; Garbage Trucks fueled by garbage... sorta. 

California has harnessed the many landfills around San Francisco (and a couple other smaller areas) to farm methane gas from them.  Bacteria deep inside the landfill produces this gas when breaking down organic matter.  The gas is then sucked up and processed to form a liquid fuel, which goes into garbage trucks to produce an alternate fuel source. 

This method isn't as "green" as finding an alternative energy source that doesn't require combustion power, however, this does greatly reduce pollution produced with conventional fuel burning.  Methane is considered a natural gas.  This gas burns much cleaner than fossil fuels which means less CO2 build up in our atmosphere.  Even though the trucks aren't powered by 100% pollution less energy sources, this does kill two birds with one stone by reducing the methane released into the atmosphere via landfills, AND by switching to a cleaner burning fuel for trucks already in use. 

There is a bit more info about politics and money regarding this method but I am never fond of the "I don't want to diminish my yearly returns for an upgrade" excuse.  Read the whole article for all the details.

NYC Taxi Upgrade...  Eventually

Now this article seemed really interesting to me for a number of reasons.  New York City is planning on replacing more than 13,000 taxi cabs (eventually) with electric vehicles.  That is a very positive step towards a better cleaner tomorrow.  Something very few states are really even bothering with. 

The new taxi is going to be a Nissan NV200, still powered by fuel, and will be phased into use at the beginning of 2013 replacing the current Crown Victorias.  The platform is eventually going to be replaced with an electric engine as part of a plan to convert over to electric powered transportation.  Although this isn't going to happen for a while, it is good to know this new version is getting twice the amount of city fuel mileage as the Crown Vics.  This reduces pollution, fuel costs, and probably even the cost per trip to those using the public transportation system.  Great news for those paying $1500 for a studio apartment.

A number of other benefits for this replacement includes sliding doors for easy in and out of tight spaces, increased passenger accessibility, and glass roofs to allow tourists to get a new look of New York.  This is also the first vehicle used for public transportation that will come standard with passenger airbag safety equipment. 

There is more to the article talking about the other vehicles that were almost chosen for use.  Read the full article for all the info. 

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Artist Rendering on OLED

Artist Rendering on OLED

Ever since I saw this video here back in 2007 I was just waiting for the technology to hit the shelves.  Obviously it wasn't going to happen over night so I had to be satisfied with the anime-influenced artist renderings.  Strangely enough, however, most of them were designed to be simple concepts and nothing more.  Almost 4 years later I've found the first one to actually be designed with potential use in mind. 

So here we look at the first link where you see a simple wrist design using OLED as the screen.  This isn't just a watch or typical cell phone, however.  This is designed to be a full on computer with full internet access, email capability, and all of you OS program needs.  Equipped with a pull out keyboard (half from both sides of the device) you are able to easily utilize the device with both key strokes and touch screen access.  They even designed a holographic projector inside the device so that you can project a monitor anywhere you are, rather than looking at the screen itself.

That being said I do have a few issues with it.  First off is the holographic projector.  Even the most advanced holographics today is contained within a bulky casing that is both too large and too heavy to carry on your wrist.  The smallest I know of would just look like you are carrying a small box around.  On top of this, we still have yet to surpass the need to project ONTO something rather than into thin air.  There was a design I saw last year where they developed a tri-projector system where it would cast images onto itself, but that was significantly larger than the smallest one I just mentioned.  Even in 9 years, I am not fully convinced we will have fully functional holographics yet.  I think it would be much easier and even more attractive to have a pull out screen on the opposite end, just like the keyboard, that you can tilt up, down, around, etc. 

The 2nd thing I find missing is the functionality of a camera.  My last blog talked about the Nintendo 3DS and its use of not 1, but 2 cameras to encourage 3D photography.  For a design made to be sold in 2020, the lack of a camera seems quite primitive. 

The 3rd issue I have is that a majority of the concept designs I read talk about how the device is made and what it is made out of to promote "water proof" awesomeness and such things like that.  The design for the Nokia Morph, for example ( which is by far my favorite concept design for future PDA's), did all this and damn near offer you a bag of chips.  I personally think this device is far superior to this SONY OLED design.  I know this is just an artist rendering to build hype for the OLED technology, but the artist, Hiromi Kiriki, still works for SONY, and that alone should have excuse enough to design like he was in the year 2020. 

I have a few more issues with it but I just realized the wall of text I have already written.  So now I ask for your input.  What do you feel would be a good advancement for future PDA's?  How would you market them?  Many designs today don't even mention 3D television technology (aside from the Nintendo 3DS), why do you think that is? 

Hope you enjoyed the look into future style.  Comment, follow, and enjoy. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Not Another LotR Joke... and Another Nintendo Handheld

Sorry guys, for not posting sooner.  I have been participating in the 48 Hour Film Festival and boy was that tiring.  Either way I am back to bring you some more cool things to read about. 

Not Another LotR Joke...

Here is an interesting concept.  A ring to control electronics.  Nokia has created a magnetic ring called Nenya (Lord of the Ring reference) that is able to control your cell phone.  By using a bracelet that detects the magnetic field changes, you can move the ring in many ways to send commands to your cell phone. 

I am not sure on testing yet or any demonstrational videos, but this concept seems to be on the right track for how we will be controlling many electronic devices in the near future.  I personally don't think this is the best of methods for "slight-o-hand" cell phone control.  That, and I don't wear bracelets...  And it is really ugly.  But it is a solid start.  I am looking forward to the days of "Minority Report" where we can control an entire screen and all the functionality with similar input methods. 

Other than cell phones what do you think we be great to have control of at the slightest movement of your hand? 

Another Nintendo Handheld

So I am browsing the web and I stumble across this new concept of 3D Holographic technology.  The article was short and rather difficult to understand where they were going with it.  From what I got, it is a new form of holographic technology that could have great potential, BUT it still hasn't passed from it's still image application.  But that isn't what caught my eye.  Instead I noticed a referral link to Nintendo 3DS. 

Now, I used to be a big gamer fan, and I still accept any challenge for any of the Halo series, however, in the last few years I guess you could say I have been growing up.  The only games I play tend to be for storylines and concepts.  But the fact this slipped by me without me knowing just perplexed me.  I had no clue this came out. 

So I am going over what I have researched so far.  It's freakin awesome.  As a photographer the applications for the 3D photo device built into this is amazing.  I don't know the quality, and can't imagine it being super great by my own standards, but the fact it is 3D and on a $250 handheld is just a huge leap forward.  What is SONY going to do?  This thing came with a ton of features that I can only tell you to sit through the rather lengthy intro video they have on their homepage. 

In short, it has a 3D screen with a new stylus detection system.  It can detect movement, browse internet connections, and has backwards capability with the DS.  It now even comes with a 2 gig SD card for additional application use.  I wasn't big on the newer Nintendo handhelds because I felt like they just reinvented the wheel with a 5% stronger rubber.  Not that the dual screens weren't a leap forward either, it just seemed unnecessary.  But I guess you could just call me old school.  This one, however, I will be getting my hands on for sure.  I hate to admit this, but I am now curious to see what the next Pokemon game is going to be like. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

China Smoking Ban... Again and Synthetic Skin

It has been a while since I posted due to my participation int he 48 Hour Film Festival in Las Vegas, NV.  But I am back and bringing you some interesting news on China and some great new technology for Hospitals.

China Smoking Ban...  Again

China is banning smoking in many enclosed public areas in hopes to encourage people to stop smoking.  Simon Chapman, some Australian I never heard of before, says that past bans in other countries has helped reduce smoking by as much as 20%.  People tend to smoke more before or after going into the public areas, but the over all effect prevents them from smoking during their normal activities, effectively cutting down cigarette consumption. 

This is not the first time they tried banning cigarette consumption, and in past years there were surveys taken showing a vast majority ignored the ban, anyway.  Chapman again claims raising cost on cigarettes would be a more effective way to fight the dirty habit. 

America and Europe has already taken many of these actions in the past and it has worked quite a bit.  I personally couldn't stand eating at restaurants with smokers sitting next to you because it just ruined the taste of food.  Not that I'm bashing any of you dirty smokers out there :P  I am interested to see how this turns out.

Synthetic Skin

From destroying the body to repairing it our next topic involves the next step in medical advancement.  Until now people have been getting skin grafts to repair damaged skin.  However, recent research has shown a new artificial skin to be a potential replacement for grafts.  Tony Weiss, another Australian but this time I've heard of him before, notes to the public that similar attempts have been made in the past using animal fibrin and collagen.  Other than the fibrin, which doesn't help the healing process, none of the animal collagen is found in human skin, so it doesn't encourage healing as well as expected. 

Weiss suggested a new protein to be used called tropoelastin which is found in skin and arteries.  Through a process called electrospinning they create this new artificial skin.  Study in rabbits show improved healing, and studies on 12 healthy people show no negative reactions to the process.  A very positive conclusion.  And with Weiss already receiving financial backing for up scaling production, he expects you to see this new healing band aid in your hospital in the next 3 years. 

This is wonderful news to me because we are nearing the age of advanced medicine where we can treat sever wounds in the field producing less losses of life.  This would be great for military applications and many dangerous jobs involving high risk activities.  Very good step forward. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cancer Help and Undeground Nuclear Power

Cancer Help

First up is the topic on cancer.  Chances are cancer has been in your life, one way or the other.  And anyone who has been around it knows that chemotherapy is a terrible thing to have to live through.  Popsci has reported about a new treatment method of sticking small beads into the blood stream.  Made out of sodium acrylate and vinyl alcohol polymer they are designed to soak up the drugs before being injected with them.  They are placed near by the tumor and then slowly release the drug. 

But it isn't used just to help release the drug in smaller doses.  It's designed to block the blood flow, keeping the drugs localized to reduce the amount of pain the patient will get from the therapy.  And because it blocks the capillaries, it also starves the cancer cells, adding to its destruction. 

This method is still being tested and hasn't been confirmed to be "better" then regular chemotherapy.  However, results have already shown shrinkage in the tumors and the patients get to go home the same day as the treatment instead of staying in the hospital feeling incredibly sick. 

Underground Nuclear Power

Since Nuclear Energy is the topic of so many due to the recent activity, this one I figured would be an important read.  Singapore is looking into placing a power plant underground in order to provide power to its people, without the potential for great havoc from a meltdown.  The method is simple; place the reactors underground where it is surrounded by natural bedrock.  In the event of a meltdown, block off any access tunnels and the bedrock will be a natural containment field. 

The idea is great and much safer, which makes me sad to say that corporations are again causing problems with their money debates.  Because the construction for an underground reactor would be so great, they say it wouldn't be cost effective unless the reactor was 1/20th the size of the conventional nuclear plant.  It really is sad to hear money is more important than a country's people. 

Location is also a big factor with this plan, and since nuclear energy isn't going anywhere it is important not to let the media incorrectly inform you into making biased decisions on energy sources.  Even though it is a very dirty and potentially dangerous source of energy, the output is massive in comparison to many alternatives.  It is good to see a company not claiming absurdities to get rid of nuclear energy, rather finding ways to make it safer. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Light Up Cereal Box at CES

So a lot of you probably wonder why I don't talk about CES or any of the gadgets you find there when I am supposed to be talking about new technology and sciences.  The answer is simple, for the last couple of years I noticed that the massive majority of CES shown gadgets are nothing more than upgrades or reinventions of what already exists.  And I am a major fan of doing it yourself, meaning, the more automated it gets, the less interest I have in it.  However, this year there are a couple of new things that actually seemed more appealing and a step into the future.

Light Up Cereal Boxes are one of those (  I know I know, "lol wut?"  But if you think about it, how cool would that actually be to reach for your cereal box instead of a flash light when the power goes out at night, haha.  Ok, I'm just kidding.  The reason I find this interesting is that electronics are becoming so cheap we can start integrating it into every day items.  Items as disposable as cereal boxes.  Even though there is nothing really special about lights on a box, the application for low energy lighting can be used on things such as t-shirts, posters, even cars.  Meaning you could buy a poster with a thousand images on it (or upload your own) and all you have to do is touch a small button to change the image, color, etc.  Or even on a car, imagine putting this material on a car (2007 Technology) and being able to customize your paint job daily without paying for those expensive paint jobs?  It just seems like a decent step to practical progression instead of the next great 3D television.  When TV is fully holographic and interactive, Ill give two hoots. 

The rest of the stuff at CES was fairly normal to see.  Short post today but I hope you found it interesting none the less. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Overpriced Gas Stations IN SPACE

Today I was reading from Popular Science and found this article.  A Canadian company is confirming the launch of a space station designed for fuel ups and minor repair.  A giant arm will help initiate each fuel up as well as perform minor repairs.  The example given is "pulling open a jammed solar array" but if it is jammed, wouldn't pulling it open forcefully break the joints?

The video explains it is much like a servicing truck, able to refuel, repair, and even tow if necessary.  It takes quite a bit of time for it to get from place to place, but it should still be cheaper then having to launch people from Earth for each individual repair.  This will also keep billions of dollars from being wasted when fueless/dead satellites burn up in Earth's atmosphere.

This is very exciting for me as I am a huge fan of space travel.  This is a small, but essential step in the right direction for people to travel frequently from Earth to space to wherever past that. 

TGS First Post! - Notes to the Reader, Unborn Baby Models, Future Window Awesomeness

Ok guys, here is the first post.  I intend to keep all future posts PG, however, please be advised that sometimes peoples' comments may not be.  Even I can get sarcastic in my own ways. I hope to encourage good learning and even actions through involving the community.

As I have thought about this concept for some time my future hopes are to turn this blogspot into a great radio station one day.  I would like all readers to participate in active discussions and even submit content you would like me to review.  If you have trouble getting a hold of me, just post a comment and I will respond quickly. 

Please keep it fun, civilized, and educational and TGS will return the favor.  Follow me and all my posts, and don't forget to tell your friends and family.


NOTE:  Normally I try to keep all my information new within the last 3 months.  However, because I am still getting used to Blogger, and this is my first post ever, I'm going to talk about stuff I have known about for a while.  Just pretend you are amazed and next time I will make it worth your time :D

Unborn Baby Models

Today we have quite a concept for the parents (planned or otherwise).  As the article reads, "new" technology is now being implemented to view a 3D/4D image of unborn children.  That image is later converted into a model which is then carved out of plaster.  Another way of keeping those priceless memories. 

I find this article interesting because of two things.  One, is that you are able to see a detailed blown up image of your child/children as a plaster form.  For all the parenting enthusiasts out there who are sure to buy 2 of everything for a single child this is just another memento to add to the collection. 

However, the 2nd interesting thing I see here towards the bottom of the article you see a model of conjoined twins.  The skeletons look down right cool in a creepy Halloween way.  This makes me feel like there are possibilities for medical services.  And I am sure that this is just the beginning of these model figures.  Maybe the future will hold actual baby molding technology so parents can practice with life like replicas of their own children before the child is even born. 

Future Window Awesomeness

I've listed two links here where you can find great information on the future of household and commercial room lighting.  As screen technology advances, it was only natural for OLED lighting to come forth, and with the crazy imagination of those genius Japanese, the youtube video was something making me want more. 

As the youtube video shows, the lighting demonstration showing you how future windows will be developed in place of curtains and blinds.  As the video progresses you see a very typical Iron Man blinds effect (which has been in the minds of anime enthusiasts for decades), however, the great part comes when the instructor comes in to educate you on "using" the window system.  Moving your hands will enable and change features of the sun blocking system.  Throwing up patterns to add art to the madness, you have the ability to change room color (visual temperature for the film buffs like myself), cast cool patterns (which would come in handy for holidays), and even help reenergize your body using the Jet Lag feature.  Honestly, I've never had Jet Lag from my trips across the globe so I couldn't tell you how useful that would be.  But I still can't get over the creativity aspects of this one.