Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cancer Help and Undeground Nuclear Power

Cancer Help

First up is the topic on cancer.  Chances are cancer has been in your life, one way or the other.  And anyone who has been around it knows that chemotherapy is a terrible thing to have to live through.  Popsci has reported about a new treatment method of sticking small beads into the blood stream.  Made out of sodium acrylate and vinyl alcohol polymer they are designed to soak up the drugs before being injected with them.  They are placed near by the tumor and then slowly release the drug. 

But it isn't used just to help release the drug in smaller doses.  It's designed to block the blood flow, keeping the drugs localized to reduce the amount of pain the patient will get from the therapy.  And because it blocks the capillaries, it also starves the cancer cells, adding to its destruction. 

This method is still being tested and hasn't been confirmed to be "better" then regular chemotherapy.  However, results have already shown shrinkage in the tumors and the patients get to go home the same day as the treatment instead of staying in the hospital feeling incredibly sick. 

Underground Nuclear Power

Since Nuclear Energy is the topic of so many due to the recent activity, this one I figured would be an important read.  Singapore is looking into placing a power plant underground in order to provide power to its people, without the potential for great havoc from a meltdown.  The method is simple; place the reactors underground where it is surrounded by natural bedrock.  In the event of a meltdown, block off any access tunnels and the bedrock will be a natural containment field. 

The idea is great and much safer, which makes me sad to say that corporations are again causing problems with their money debates.  Because the construction for an underground reactor would be so great, they say it wouldn't be cost effective unless the reactor was 1/20th the size of the conventional nuclear plant.  It really is sad to hear money is more important than a country's people. 

Location is also a big factor with this plan, and since nuclear energy isn't going anywhere it is important not to let the media incorrectly inform you into making biased decisions on energy sources.  Even though it is a very dirty and potentially dangerous source of energy, the output is massive in comparison to many alternatives.  It is good to see a company not claiming absurdities to get rid of nuclear energy, rather finding ways to make it safer. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Light Up Cereal Box at CES

So a lot of you probably wonder why I don't talk about CES or any of the gadgets you find there when I am supposed to be talking about new technology and sciences.  The answer is simple, for the last couple of years I noticed that the massive majority of CES shown gadgets are nothing more than upgrades or reinventions of what already exists.  And I am a major fan of doing it yourself, meaning, the more automated it gets, the less interest I have in it.  However, this year there are a couple of new things that actually seemed more appealing and a step into the future.

Light Up Cereal Boxes are one of those (http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-20028044-1.html).  I know I know, "lol wut?"  But if you think about it, how cool would that actually be to reach for your cereal box instead of a flash light when the power goes out at night, haha.  Ok, I'm just kidding.  The reason I find this interesting is that electronics are becoming so cheap we can start integrating it into every day items.  Items as disposable as cereal boxes.  Even though there is nothing really special about lights on a box, the application for low energy lighting can be used on things such as t-shirts, posters, even cars.  Meaning you could buy a poster with a thousand images on it (or upload your own) and all you have to do is touch a small button to change the image, color, etc.  Or even on a car, imagine putting this material on a car http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6bkmPjVF-k (2007 Technology) and being able to customize your paint job daily without paying for those expensive paint jobs?  It just seems like a decent step to practical progression instead of the next great 3D television.  When TV is fully holographic and interactive, Ill give two hoots. 

The rest of the stuff at CES was fairly normal to see.  Short post today but I hope you found it interesting none the less. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Overpriced Gas Stations IN SPACE


Today I was reading from Popular Science and found this article.  A Canadian company is confirming the launch of a space station designed for fuel ups and minor repair.  A giant arm will help initiate each fuel up as well as perform minor repairs.  The example given is "pulling open a jammed solar array" but if it is jammed, wouldn't pulling it open forcefully break the joints?

The video explains it is much like a servicing truck, able to refuel, repair, and even tow if necessary.  It takes quite a bit of time for it to get from place to place, but it should still be cheaper then having to launch people from Earth for each individual repair.  This will also keep billions of dollars from being wasted when fueless/dead satellites burn up in Earth's atmosphere.

This is very exciting for me as I am a huge fan of space travel.  This is a small, but essential step in the right direction for people to travel frequently from Earth to space to wherever past that. 

TGS First Post! - Notes to the Reader, Unborn Baby Models, Future Window Awesomeness

Ok guys, here is the first post.  I intend to keep all future posts PG, however, please be advised that sometimes peoples' comments may not be.  Even I can get sarcastic in my own ways. I hope to encourage good learning and even actions through involving the community.

As I have thought about this concept for some time my future hopes are to turn this blogspot into a great radio station one day.  I would like all readers to participate in active discussions and even submit content you would like me to review.  If you have trouble getting a hold of me, just post a comment and I will respond quickly. 

Please keep it fun, civilized, and educational and TGS will return the favor.  Follow me and all my posts, and don't forget to tell your friends and family.


NOTE:  Normally I try to keep all my information new within the last 3 months.  However, because I am still getting used to Blogger, and this is my first post ever, I'm going to talk about stuff I have known about for a while.  Just pretend you are amazed and next time I will make it worth your time :D

Unborn Baby Models

Today we have quite a concept for the parents (planned or otherwise).  As the article reads, "new" technology is now being implemented to view a 3D/4D image of unborn children.  That image is later converted into a model which is then carved out of plaster.  Another way of keeping those priceless memories. 

I find this article interesting because of two things.  One, is that you are able to see a detailed blown up image of your child/children as a plaster form.  For all the parenting enthusiasts out there who are sure to buy 2 of everything for a single child this is just another memento to add to the collection. 

However, the 2nd interesting thing I see here towards the bottom of the article you see a model of conjoined twins.  The skeletons look down right cool in a creepy Halloween way.  This makes me feel like there are possibilities for medical services.  And I am sure that this is just the beginning of these model figures.  Maybe the future will hold actual baby molding technology so parents can practice with life like replicas of their own children before the child is even born. 

Future Window Awesomeness

I've listed two links here where you can find great information on the future of household and commercial room lighting.  As screen technology advances, it was only natural for OLED lighting to come forth, and with the crazy imagination of those genius Japanese, the youtube video was something making me want more. 

As the youtube video shows, the lighting demonstration showing you how future windows will be developed in place of curtains and blinds.  As the video progresses you see a very typical Iron Man blinds effect (which has been in the minds of anime enthusiasts for decades), however, the great part comes when the instructor comes in to educate you on "using" the window system.  Moving your hands will enable and change features of the sun blocking system.  Throwing up patterns to add art to the madness, you have the ability to change room color (visual temperature for the film buffs like myself), cast cool patterns (which would come in handy for holidays), and even help reenergize your body using the Jet Lag feature.  Honestly, I've never had Jet Lag from my trips across the globe so I couldn't tell you how useful that would be.  But I still can't get over the creativity aspects of this one.