Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hurry! Before they disappear! and Long Life, Do You Want One?

Hurry! Before they disappear!

Here's one for the wealthy vacationers, or those who like to dream.  Due to "global warming" and environmental damage from the (insert random number here) of environmentalist research surveys, there are many places around the world that could be disappearing soon.

But either way you look at it, people need to take time off from time to time.  And what better place to visit then one remote and environmentally fragile?  I'm just kidding.  It is actually noted that process of tourism is adding to the destruction of some of these locations, but the financial income from tourism is also benefiting the eco protection services.  Kind of a catch 22 if you ask me, but either way the places are very nice to visit. 

Checking out the sites like the Dead Sea, Madagascar, and even the Poles is not only a nice relaxation experience, but good for the dose of foreign education.  It is easy to read about something in a book, but experiencing it is a very much different thing. 

Google is your friend if you don't know all these locations and don't forget to think about the impact your visit could have.  I especially like the subliminal hint towards China on the last one of the article.  It made me LOL. 

Long Life, Do You Want One?

This article talks about the study of "Centenarians," which is a scientific name for those who live past 100 years of age.  It's an "ok" article briefly talking about genetics.  It doesn't go into as much detail as I would have liked.  After the brief notes you then read more about a woman by the name of Elizabeth Cirulli, and her adviser David Goldstein, and how they are doing research with Centenarians. 

The article then goes on about her past life and possible futures and studies.  And in all honesty, it was a boring read.  However, it did bring up an interesting discussion topic to conclude today's post.  Would you rather live a long life with the last couple decades of it stuck inside a house, possibly even on some sort of life support system.  Or would you rather die young doing something active and "living" your life?  Why or why not and what things could you do in your lifetime that you would feel "completed" by?

Hope you enjoyed today's topics.  Don't forget to take a break every now and then, and don't forget to discuss your thoughts.  Follow, Comment, Enjoy!


  1. Wow thanks for posting that, time well spent even if it is kinda sad..