Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Straight Flying Balls and WELCOME BACK VW!

Straight Flying Balls

So we have golf balls that fly straight as an arrow and at low altitudes for a cleaner longer shot.  Looking at the science, the dimples in this ball are arranged to move the air around in a way to produce less fluctuation in flight.  It is quite the amazing feat, however, I doubt this ball is anything but legal in tournaments.  Not to mention the use of it kind of takes away from you developing your own skill, doesn't it?  A short read but something I found interesting none the less.  If you're a golfer and want to place bets on your shots, go for this ball! 


Ok, so what if the VW company was produced by Adolf Hitler?  The brand is pretty darn good.  And with college financing options, the company actually tries to help people out rather than just shark a sale.  So when the brand practically disappeared from the WRC it was a bit upsetting for rally enthusiast, like myself, who always liked the styling of the Golf series. 

But it's back as Volkswagen enters the 2013 WRC rally with its new Polo R WRC model.  With a sweet turbocharged 1.6L TSI four banger, it will produce a regulation approved 300 horsepower.  With slick new styling and a rekindled enthusiasm from the Dakar winnings over the last three years, they really seem to be coming out strong.  Can't wait to watch the stages.

That's it for today.  Follow, comment, and enjoy!


  1. Awesome! WCR is better than F1 and Nascar.

  2. Hells yes VW! I own one, and my next will be one as well!