Thursday, June 9, 2011

Movies Without Texters, Yea! and Why The Quotes For A Cured HIV Patient?

Movies Without Texters, Yea! and Why The Quotes For A Cured HIV Patient?

Movies Without Texters, Yea!

This first one was a hilarious read.  I personally am very happy to read something like this because texting and phone calls are a plague in the theaters I go to.  I have actually skipped going to a movie based solely off of the fact somebody will probably ruin the film because they are either talking, answering their phone, or texting.  I am happy to see a theater finally standing up, and in a very humorous way, against theater interruptions.

Focus on Alamo Drafthouse as your new bar of theater standards.  Recently a woman was caught texting in the middle of a film multiple times and removed from the theater without a refund.  The theater makes a comical statement, "I don't think people realize that it is distracting."  They had to put this in a nice way because if they came out saying, "If you are a customer clearly being rude and inconsiderate, we're gonna ban you for being a 'A-hole,'" they wouldn't have looked as much like the good-guys.  None the less, I support them.

But either way you look at it, this is a great national attention getter.  I can't stand interruptions during a movie because I'm one of those hard core self-proclaimed critics.  Since I study film, each and every ticket I buy is like a small investment into further understanding a countries filmed history.  Having someone take you out of the filming experience is seeing the film less then the director intended.  Thus ruining the film.

Be sure to check out the video in this article, too.  They made a theater PSA out of that same woman's phone call she made shortly after getting booted.

Why The Quotes For A Cured HIV Patient?

This article is a lot shorter than I would have liked.  I really wanted to know more about further studies/potential future studies in this matter.  What happened was a man gets a bone marrow stem cell transplant from a patient that was immune to HIV.  Apparently about 1% of Caucasians are immune.  This transplant has potentially "cured" the patient, as no more reproduction of the virus is occurring. 

A scientist talks about how this encourages the research, however, I would liked to have heard exactly what is being researched.  I didn't even know there were some people immune to HIV.  Why are they immune?  What is special about their bone marrow that enables them to fight off the virus successfully?  They give a theory in the article, but that is all it is.  A theory.

The same scientist makes a good point, however.  This "cure" isn't something you can properly consider if you were to become, or already are, infected with HIV.  The cost of the operation and the rarity of the immune bone marrow couldn't be given to the 33.3 million people around the world infected with HIV.  Further tests must be done to mass produce this discovery so we can stamp out this virus once and for all.

Hope you enjoyed today's article.  Follow, comment, and enjoy!

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  1. Dude, hell yeah with the no texting. I hate that shit when watching a movie.