Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shadow Internet? and Free Entrance National Parks...

Shadow Internet?

Today I stumbled upon an article that is a bit odd.  Rulers in many countries are shutting down the internet, or monitoring it in a way that leaves citizens of the country limited to what they can access.  Countries like Egypt and Syria. 

Naturally, America feels the need to help others before helping itself.  So Obama has opted to invest time and money in setting up a "shadow internet" that will remain in place if the countries own services are shut down by the Dictators or terrorists and such.  This is a good thing for the people of the country looking to keep a grasp on "free speech" and even to further their educational resources. 

One thing I find odd though is the amount of interest Obama is taking into this.  In the past, if Obama approves, it's bad.  I also don't get why this is something we should be stepping into to begin with.  It isn't our country and it is not our place to establish a separate network.  Even on a legal stand point, aren't we helping construct an underground network disapproved by the ruling powers?  Regardless of the power and how corrupt they are, is it really something we should be sticking our noses in?  Due to the recent activity in so many of these "oppressively" led countries I think this is both good and bad news.  What do you think?

Free Entrance National Parks

On a far more meaningful note, national parks are charging $0 for entries on specific dates.  This is great for those outdoorsy types, and even those not so outdoorsy and should head outside for a hike! 

June 21st marks the first day of summer, and a free entrance to national parks means money saved and a healthy start to your summer schedules.  Each year many parks all over the U.S. do this so look at the schedules and find out which parks near you participate in this great service to the people.  Get outside and get moving!

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  1. Just discovered you, this will definitely be where I come to be updated.

  2. I hate thinking that we could have someone watching our every move on the internet some day. Amen to anonymity.

  3. I dunno about the shadow-internet thing... but that's awesome news about the parks. Good stuff to know.

  4. be carefull with posting your real things on facebook / twitter and so on;)