Wednesday, April 6, 2011

China Smoking Ban... Again and Synthetic Skin

It has been a while since I posted due to my participation int he 48 Hour Film Festival in Las Vegas, NV.  But I am back and bringing you some interesting news on China and some great new technology for Hospitals.

China Smoking Ban...  Again

China is banning smoking in many enclosed public areas in hopes to encourage people to stop smoking.  Simon Chapman, some Australian I never heard of before, says that past bans in other countries has helped reduce smoking by as much as 20%.  People tend to smoke more before or after going into the public areas, but the over all effect prevents them from smoking during their normal activities, effectively cutting down cigarette consumption. 

This is not the first time they tried banning cigarette consumption, and in past years there were surveys taken showing a vast majority ignored the ban, anyway.  Chapman again claims raising cost on cigarettes would be a more effective way to fight the dirty habit. 

America and Europe has already taken many of these actions in the past and it has worked quite a bit.  I personally couldn't stand eating at restaurants with smokers sitting next to you because it just ruined the taste of food.  Not that I'm bashing any of you dirty smokers out there :P  I am interested to see how this turns out.

Synthetic Skin

From destroying the body to repairing it our next topic involves the next step in medical advancement.  Until now people have been getting skin grafts to repair damaged skin.  However, recent research has shown a new artificial skin to be a potential replacement for grafts.  Tony Weiss, another Australian but this time I've heard of him before, notes to the public that similar attempts have been made in the past using animal fibrin and collagen.  Other than the fibrin, which doesn't help the healing process, none of the animal collagen is found in human skin, so it doesn't encourage healing as well as expected. 

Weiss suggested a new protein to be used called tropoelastin which is found in skin and arteries.  Through a process called electrospinning they create this new artificial skin.  Study in rabbits show improved healing, and studies on 12 healthy people show no negative reactions to the process.  A very positive conclusion.  And with Weiss already receiving financial backing for up scaling production, he expects you to see this new healing band aid in your hospital in the next 3 years. 

This is wonderful news to me because we are nearing the age of advanced medicine where we can treat sever wounds in the field producing less losses of life.  This would be great for military applications and many dangerous jobs involving high risk activities.  Very good step forward. 


  1. I dont like cigarettes but i dont know if they should be banned

  2. I'm glad they're banned. I don't see what's so great about it. I smoked a few times and they sucked all those times. It didn't make me calm or whatever feeling you're supposed to get.

  3. Smoking is a habit that we need to get rid of, fast.

  4. I like the smoking ban actually lol

  5. Synthetic skin? The future is now!