Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Not Another LotR Joke... and Another Nintendo Handheld

Sorry guys, for not posting sooner.  I have been participating in the 48 Hour Film Festival and boy was that tiring.  Either way I am back to bring you some more cool things to read about. 

Not Another LotR Joke...

Here is an interesting concept.  A ring to control electronics.  Nokia has created a magnetic ring called Nenya (Lord of the Ring reference) that is able to control your cell phone.  By using a bracelet that detects the magnetic field changes, you can move the ring in many ways to send commands to your cell phone. 

I am not sure on testing yet or any demonstrational videos, but this concept seems to be on the right track for how we will be controlling many electronic devices in the near future.  I personally don't think this is the best of methods for "slight-o-hand" cell phone control.  That, and I don't wear bracelets...  And it is really ugly.  But it is a solid start.  I am looking forward to the days of "Minority Report" where we can control an entire screen and all the functionality with similar input methods. 

Other than cell phones what do you think we be great to have control of at the slightest movement of your hand? 

Another Nintendo Handheld

So I am browsing the web and I stumble across this new concept of 3D Holographic technology.  The article was short and rather difficult to understand where they were going with it.  From what I got, it is a new form of holographic technology that could have great potential, BUT it still hasn't passed from it's still image application.  But that isn't what caught my eye.  Instead I noticed a referral link to Nintendo 3DS. 

Now, I used to be a big gamer fan, and I still accept any challenge for any of the Halo series, however, in the last few years I guess you could say I have been growing up.  The only games I play tend to be for storylines and concepts.  But the fact this slipped by me without me knowing just perplexed me.  I had no clue this came out. 

So I am going over what I have researched so far.  It's freakin awesome.  As a photographer the applications for the 3D photo device built into this is amazing.  I don't know the quality, and can't imagine it being super great by my own standards, but the fact it is 3D and on a $250 handheld is just a huge leap forward.  What is SONY going to do?  This thing came with a ton of features that I can only tell you to sit through the rather lengthy intro video they have on their homepage. 

In short, it has a 3D screen with a new stylus detection system.  It can detect movement, browse internet connections, and has backwards capability with the DS.  It now even comes with a 2 gig SD card for additional application use.  I wasn't big on the newer Nintendo handhelds because I felt like they just reinvented the wheel with a 5% stronger rubber.  Not that the dual screens weren't a leap forward either, it just seemed unnecessary.  But I guess you could just call me old school.  This one, however, I will be getting my hands on for sure.  I hate to admit this, but I am now curious to see what the next Pokemon game is going to be like. 


  1. oh man i didn't think about pokemon. i'm slowly getting sucked into 3ds hype as well

  2. I can't imagine how this holographis diplay looks like. Hope I can see a 3 ds soon.

  3. Seen the 3DS, it is absolutely awesome! But more along the lines of depth perception..

  4. Yeah, I tried the 3DS out today, and it was awesome.

  5. interesting post as always mate. thanks for the updates.

  6. I need to try get my hands on the 3DS cant wait. seen the you tube clips but i'm sure it doesn't do it justice